Cheap Orchard 1.10.2 Hosting Recommendation

Cheap Orchard 1.10.2 Hosting Recommendation Cheap and reliable Orchard 1.10.2 hosting. To choose the Orchard 1.10.2 Hosting for your site, we recommend you going with the following Best & Cheap Orchard 1.10.2 Hosting company that are proved reliable and sure by our editors. Orchard is a free, open source project whose goal is to deliver applications and reusable components on the ASP.NET platform. The Orchard project has delivered a .NET-based CMS application that allows users to quickly create content-driven websites, and an underlying framework that allows developers to provide additional functionality through extensions and themes.

Cheap and Reliable Orchard 1.10.2 Hosting


  • Default values for content fields
  • Configurable locations for Modules and Themes (see this documentation page on how to configure them)
  • Parameterized snippets
  • Orchard.Resources now contains common assets to be reused across core modules
  • Layer rules have been moved to Orchard.Conditions for reusability
  • Orchard.TaskLease has been deprecated in favor of distributed locks
  • Orchard.jQuery has been deprecated in favor of Orchard.Resources
  • Editor tabs support


  • Use of Nuget packages instead of the /lib folder
  • New extension methods for migrations
  • Upgraded to .NET 4.5.2
  • Recipes and Import/Export improvements
  • Orchard.exe help command enhancement

Orchard 1.10.2 Hosting Review

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ASPHostPortal Orchard 1.10.2 Hosting Review

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Hosting Reliability

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ASPHostPortal Customer Service

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ASPHostPortal is Highly Recommended for Orchard 1.10.2 Hosting

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