Cheap Moodle 3.3.2 Hosting in UK

Cheap Moodle 3.3.2 Hosting in UK | Best and cheap Moodle 3.3.2 hosting in UK. Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is a free open-source learning management system or e-Learning platform, that serves educators and learners across the globe. It is the most widely used LMS in the world and currently has over 68 million users world-wide (and growing!).
Moodle was developed in 2002 by Martin Dougiamas to help educators create online courses with a focus on interaction and collaborative construction of content. Since then, the main development of Moodle is led by Martin and the core team at Moodle Headquarters, as well as hundreds of other developers around the world who have helped fuel the growth of Moodle through contributing and testing code, and being active participants in community forums.



  • MDL-55071, MDL-55074 – New “Boost” Bootstrap 4 theme, usability improvements of the navigation
  • MDL-54682 – Messaging UI improvements
  • MDL-52777 – User tours – walkthoughs/instructional overlays for first time user on page
  • MDL-38158 – Pluggable media players in Moodle; Video.JS player
  • MDL-55324 – Easier embedding videos in audios in Atto editor with poster, subtitles and other attributes
  • MDL-54987 – New chart API and library

Security issues

A number of security related issues were resolved. Details of these issues will be released after a period of approximately one week to allow system administrators to safely update to the latest version

Cheap Moodle 3.3.2 Hosting in UK Recommendation

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UKWindowsHostASP.NET Moodle 3.3.2 Support

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